Stephen Carnahan: mandates are not unique to masks


According to the Sun Journal article of August 19, Representative Laurel Libby says we are at war over “government force.” And, those mask warrants are a current battle in this war. Since when does the government have the right to tell anyone to wear a mask?

Besides, why is the government telling us that we have to wash our hands if we are in the restaurant business?

Why do nurses and doctors need to wear shoes?

Why do I have to stop at red lights and stop signs?

Why is the government telling me not to have a charcoal fire on my apartment balcony?

How come the government requires boaters to have life jackets? Or that automakers need to reduce their emissions? Or that playgrounds shouldn’t be built on the roadway?

Representative Libby, as reported by the Sun Journal, even mentioned that the government may start regulating smoking. Sorry, Representative, we have already lost this battle in our fight for freedom.

Maybe once we remove the mask requirements, we can let people start smoking again in restaurants.

Stephen Carnahan, Auburn

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