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Historically, did you know that:

Supreme Court: In the 1947 State Constitution, New Jersey replaced the 16-member court of appeals with a 7-member State Supreme Court, modeled on the United States Supreme Court.

Swedish : The first permanent European settlers from New Jersey arrived in 1638 aboard two ships to found a Swedish colony.

Switlik Parachuting Company: The Switlik Parachute Company was founded in Trenton by Polish immigrant Stanley Switlik.

Targoum: Rutgers University student newspaper, the Daily Targum, is the second oldest college newspaper in the United States. It first appeared as an annual publication in 1867.

Tax Court: The New Jersey Tax Court was established in 1979.

Taxes: The primary taxes in New Jersey are property taxes, income, “business” income, sales, and inheritance taxes.

Telegraph: Samuel FB Morse was a painter and inventor. He designed the single-wire telegraph in 1832 and later developed Morse code.

Temperature: Due to New Jersey’s mid-latitude location along the Atlantic Ocean, temperatures vary with sunrise from 26 degrees to 74 degrees.

Tennis: Tennis began in New Jersey when private clubs began in the late 1800s.

Theater: New Jersey has played a leading role in American theater since colonial times.

Thomas Edison State College: Thomas Edison State College was established in Trenton in 1972.

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