Susan Harris Explores the Magical World of Unicorns in Her Book “Quincee Finds Her Unicorn”

Quincee embarks on a journey to find a beautiful unicorn, for whom she has a special name: Sparkle.

“Quincee Finds Her Unicorn” details the adventures of a beautiful young girl, Quincee, who is in search of a magical unicorn, which she calls “Impossible Dream”.

The story is perfect for ages 3-10 and makes a great bedtime read. Susan Harris brilliantly captures the magical world of children. In the story, Quincee searches for her magical unicorn every day, with no luck. Then one night, while she is sleeping soundly, the unicorn calls her to give her a name. The little girl calls him “Sparkle” and they go on an exciting adventure to Unicorn Land, where all the unicorns reside.

“My granddaughter, Quincee, loves unicorns. This book was inspired by her. It was through this book that I wanted to let her know how much her family and her special unicorn love her. I want may this book be an inspiration to other children. I want them to continue to believe in fairy tales and magical creatures,” commented Susan Harristalking about what inspired his book and what the story is about.

Sparkle the Unicorn reminds Quincee that she is loved by her family and can call on Sparkle whenever she feels lonely. The story is a moving tale of a girl and her best friend, a unicorn. It incorporates colorful illustrations to help tap into children’s imaginative world.

‘Quincee Finds Her Unicorn’ is self-published by Susan Harris.

Dated: January 31, 2022

ISBN: 9781087930206

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