Susie Lee Accuses Media of Inflation, Attacks Biden, Hates “My Local Newspaper” | VICTOR JOECKS

Rep. Susie Lee’s biggest worry about inflation isn’t rising prices. These are the people who care.

“Media coverage of inflation breeds inflation,” Lee said this month in a video fundraiser obtained by The Review-Journal. “The biggest worry about inflation is that people are starting to fear inflation. It’s just like a snowball effect.

This feeling would surprise families wondering how they are going to afford groceries, clothes and gasoline this month. They didn’t need a newspaper article to realize that their money isn’t going as far as it used to be.

Economists from the Ministry of Labor have also noticed. The consumer price index is up 6.8% compared to last year. This is the highest level for almost 40 years. They identified price increases as the source of inflation, not media coverage of these price increases.

Lee blamed the price hikes on supply chain disruptions and “nobody did anything last year.” She also said Federal Reserve officials are “the people who control inflation.”

Lee is correct that the causes of inflation are multifaceted, but President Joe Biden and Congress bear some responsibility. Turns out, killing the Keystone pipeline and paying people not to work weren’t a good way to fight rising prices.

But Lee is unrepentant. “I recognize that things are getting expensive, but I’m not going to apologize for it,” she said.

It’s not just Republicans who have noticed that Biden continues to dodge the press. Lee blamed him for it.

“Personally, I will criticize the president,” she said. “It needs to come out more in front of the press. I know people who are nervous about this.

She’s right, and so are the people Biden makes nervous. His public appearances often include grimace worthy sequences.

Interestingly, she believes Virginia gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe made a tactical error in frequently referring to Donald Trump.

“I’m not talking about Trump in my district because he’s irrelevant in my opinion,” she said. “People don’t vote for him. I felt McAuliffe was trying to tie everything too much to Trump, and I really think it hurt him.

It’s a pretty good analysis. It will be interesting to see if Lee sticks to this if Biden’s poll numbers stay low.

Lee also appears to be a loyal reader of the Review-Journal. “I read my local newspaper before I pick up a national newspaper every day,” she said. But she’s not a fan. “I hate my local newspaper because it never gives me fair coverage,” she added. “But I still read it, always.”

To justify this attitude, Lee cited a story about Home Secretary Deb Haaland’s recent visit to Las Vegas. Lee was upset that she had not received “credit” to secure funding for water recycling programs. Go understand that a story about a Cabinet secretary visit would focus more on the secretary than on a local member of the House. The reports aren’t meant to read like an office press release, although it’s understandable why a Democrat might think so.

Lee can be dismissive of inflation in private. But expect her to sing a different tune when she knows the audience is listening to her.

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