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Get on the bus and go to space – sort of.

The theater department at Greenwood High School is staging productions of “The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System” on November 4-6 at the Greenwood School District 50 Performing Arts Center on the GHS campus. Online tickets are on sale on the GHS website.

Join science teacher Ms. Frizzle and her class on an interplanetary school excursion, in this family-friendly stage adaptation, based on both the Scholastic book series “The Magic School Bus” and the original PBS animated series.

Wendi Wimmer, a drama teacher at Greenwood High School, works with over a dozen advanced theater students from GHS and one from Emerald High School to bring this play to life, producing a show that promises to be engaging and interactive.

“This show is aimed at kindergarten through fifth grade public education standards,” says Wimmer. “We will also meet artistic standards for these high school artists. Hopefully this will inspire more students to take art classes throughout their schooling. And we want to be advocates for the arts in education.

Actress Jariah Coleman, 15, said her 6-year-old sister recently checked out “The Magic School Bus” books in the library.

“I didn’t read the books when I was a kid, but I read the books to him,” Coleman said.

Actress Jasmine Gary, 14, said the book-based PBS show was a big part of her childhood.

“The show is so good,” Gary said. “The magic school bus taught me about rain, evaporation and the anatomy of the human body. This room will teach you the order of the planets.

The theater students also came up with song selections for the play that have to do with the space in some loose form or fashion. Get ready to play with “Here Comes the Sun”, tunes about shooting stars, Venus and more.

“There is a part where we will ask the audience to stand up,” actress Katie Duncan, 14, said. “We include the audience a lot, throughout the show. “

“At one point in history, the teacher, Ms. Frizzle, gets lost in space and the children have to take initiative, work together and learn on their own,” says actress Kaylee Smith, 15, who plays Frizzle. “Some of the things you learn about the solar system in this area, I didn’t even know. “

The play even becomes bilingual with actress Isabel Villeda, 15, who speaks her lines in Spanish.

“We want to show that everyone is welcome, not just English speakers,” Villeda said.

Another character in the play, Liz the Lizard, played by 15-year-old Michelle Higginbotham, is on roller skates for the entire show, which lasts approximately 40 minutes.

Students from the GHS Theater Department recently performed their zombie-inspired choreography on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” at the Uptown Greenwood Boo Bash at Uptown Market.

GHS theater students have planned other activities including technology management for the Miss GHS pageant, a Disney-themed appearance in the Greenwood Christmas Parade, train-themed performances in partnership with the Museum and Railroad Historical Center, vacation vignettes and a spring production of “My and the Dolls.”

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