#ThrowbackThursday: Ahaana Krishna shares a glimpse of the journal entry she made when she was 10 and it’s all adorable! | Malayalam Cinema News

Those who religiously write diaries know that it is that one web, where you let your emotions run wild. You can be emotional, dramatic, and even gossip girl and free yourself from judgment, because hey, it’s a personal diary after all, and it’s all absolutely confidential! Well, that’s not really the case when you’re young. You sometimes jot down your thoughts in the journal so you can pass something along to your parents or siblings when they “accidentally” find out!

Actress Ahaana Krishna recently shared a glimpse of such a diary entry she made on April 24, 2006. She was 10 years old then and not so cool that her younger sisters get more attention than she did. she ! She’s gone a little OTT, like any other kid her age, but the starter is sure to melt your heart and it’s all adorable!

Read Ahaana Krishna’s message here.

Sharing the diary photo, Ahaana Krishna wrote, “Here’s a little life update of my 10 year old self on a diary that actually belongs to my mum (which I believe is why I wanted to write about it so badly) Rithika was my best friend at school Sorry Rithika, for writing that you were angry 🥲 Guess I just couldn’t accept the fact that you weren’t going not come to school the next day and that I was going to be without my best friend 🥲😬 And yes I know the first line of my diary looks like, my life was like that of the eldest in ‘Ente Veedu Appuntem’, but no that was pretty normal.However, I guess at 10 years old when you have 3 younger siblings (who naturally get more attention) you would have a natural tendency to make your diary look a bit dramatic and over the top, so that, you know, luckily if your parents stumbled upon it, you would get a little sympathy 🥲 (#cheapthrills) PS – Don’t ask me what MAD OF JOY means. Enik sayamaittum ariyilla 🥲 PS again – Dear parents, buy cute diaries for your kids and encourage them to write it. Years later it’s going to be so much fun browsing through them 🤣 Other entries in my diary might/may not happen to you in years to come 🦋🐸 (sic).

On the work front, Ahaana Krishna will next be seen in ‘Adi’.

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