US visa for Estonian and Finnish citizens


All Estonian citizens visiting the United States for short periods of time must have a United States visa for Estonian citizens, which is not only mandatory but also necessary. Travelers visiting the United States should ensure that their passport is valid for at least three months after departure.

If you are not an EU, EEA or Swiss citizen and wish to work in Estonia, you must apply for a work visa for Estonia. You can enter Estonia with a work visa and stay there for one year; the visa is renewable.

How do I apply for a US visa from Estonia?

Estonian nationals can complete a US visa application form for Estonian citizens online in as little as five minutes. Information from the applicant’s passport page should be entered, along with personal information, contact details, and employment information. It is necessary that the applicant be in excellent health and have no previous criminal convictions.

Processing of your US visa application begins after you pay the application fee. The US Visa Online service is provided via email. A US visa will be emailed to Estonian nationals after submitting their application online and paying online by credit card. In extremely rare cases, the applicant may be contacted before the US visa is approved if additional documentation is needed.

How long is the US visa online valid for Estonian citizens?

The departure date of an Estonian citizen must be 90 days after arrival. Estonian passport holders must obtain an electronic travel authority from the United States for only one to ninety days. Depending on their situation, Estonian nationals who wish to stay longer must apply for the US visa for Estonian citizens.

US visa online has been good for two consecutive years. Throughout the two (2) year validity of the US Visa Online, Estonian nationals may enter multiple times.


Before flying to the United States, Finns are advised to confirm their paperwork requirements by consulting the rules for a US visa for Finnish citizens. Finnish nationals with short-term travel plans are exempt from the US visa requirement. Access the ESTA application directly and obtain an entry permit online to benefit from this visa waiver.

The American ESTA gives its holder numerous entries into the country within two years from the date of issue. The maximum stay for Finnish travelers holding an ESTA is 90 days per entry. Leisure, business and transit visits are all permitted.

US ESTA Requirements for Finland Passport Holders

All travel documents necessary for Finnish nationals to apply for a US visa for Finnish citizens must be in hand before beginning the application process. Having the following records and data is part of this:

  • Valid passport issued by Finland
  • Email address currently used by the US government to provide a copy of the US ESTA approval
  • The acceptable method of payment for the ESTA processing fee in the United States, such as debit or credit card

One of the nations included in the Six Months Club in Finland. Therefore, Finnish visitors do not need to hold a passport valid for six months. The only document required by the US government is a passport which will be valid during the visitor’s stay.

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