Westgate SuperContest pays 2 winners of $ 50,000 in season

The Westgate SuperContest paid off the first big winners of the competition season.

Entrants First Five and TD Tony received $ 50,000 each after finishing tied for first at 14-1 in the three-week mini-contest to open the season. Tempest got $ 5,000 for third place at 13-1-1.

The SuperContest has six three-week contests and three six-week contests this season.

The Circa Million III will crown its first quarter champion next week with a prize of $ 171,750. DeadMoneyMedia.com has the indoor track as the only undefeated entry (15-0).

In Circa Survivor, 340 entries expired when Justin Tucker rebounded from his record 66-yard field goal to give the Baltimore Ravens a 19-17 victory over the Detroit Lions.

I spent Sunday sweating the Miami Dolphins + 4½ to stay alive in Station Casinos’ Last Man Standing and as a pick in the SuperContest and Circa Million. Finally, the Raiders won 31-28 in overtime to give me a well-deserved victory.

Each week, I will follow the main handicap competitions and detail my progress. Here’s how the contests go after week 3:

Westgate Supercompetition

Format: Competitors choose five NFL ATS games each week ($ 1,000 per entry).

Field: 1,972 entries.

Leaders: Two entries (First Five and TD Tony) at 14-1.

Barnes Status: 3-2 last week, 9-6 overall, tied for 344th. Winners on Falcons +3, Bengals +3 and Dolphins +4, and losers on Washington + 7½ and Eagles +4.

Westgate SuperContest Gold

Format: Same as SuperContest, but with a buy-in of $ 5,000 and the winner takes it all.

Field: 87 entries.

Leaders: Three entrances (MayRidge 3, MilesToGo and TKASPro277) at 10-4-1.

Barnes Status: Not entered.

Circa Million III

Format: Competitors choose five NFL ATS games each week ($ 1,000 per entry).

Field: 4,087 entries.

Leader: One entry (DeadMoneyMedia.com) at 15-0.

Barnes Status: 2-3 last week, 7-8 overall, tied 2,518th. Winners on Dolphins +4 and Vikings + 1½, and losers on Jaguars + 7½, Colts + 5½ and 49ers -3½.

About Survivor

Format: Entrants choose an NFL winner each week (each team can only be used once) and are eliminated with a loss ($ 1,000 per entry).

Field: 4,080 entries, but Circa added $ 1.92 million to the prize pool to reach the $ 6 million guarantee.

Leaders: 2,917 survivors advance. Week 3 eliminated 68 entries – 28 on the Giants, 19 on the Chiefs, 12 on the Steelers, two on the 49ers and one each on the Dolphins and Patriots, plus five entries that forgot to make a selection.

Barnes Status: Alive, after the Broncos beat the Jets 26-0.

Last man standing station

Format: Competitors select an ATS game each week. Entries cost $ 25, but the maximum of $ 100 gives five entries. There are separate pro and college competitions. The winner takes it all – $ 150,000 in pro, $ 100,000 in college.

Entries: Pro – 594 alive out of 6,241 starting; college – 276 alive out of 3,075.

Barnes Status: Living with an entry into the pro after the Dolphins removed the + 4½ cover, but ended up in college after Utah failed to cover -14½ in a 24-13 win over The State from Washington.

William Hill College Pick’em

Format: Participants choose eight college ATS games each week ($ 1,000 per entry).

Field: 452 entries, but an additional $ 548,000 added to the prize pool to reach the $ 1 million guarantee.

Leaders: Three entries (Derek 2, Micash and East1971) tied at 18-6.

Barnes Status: Circle the drain at 3-5 last week, 10-14 in total. Winners over Western Kentucky + 9½, California + 7½ and Oregon State + 11½, and losers over Mississippi State + 2½, Utah -14½, Texas A&M -5½, Oklahoma -16½ and North Carolina -12½.

William Hill Pro Pick’em

Format: Entrants choose 15 NFL direct winners (or selected totals) each week ($ 25 per entry). There are weekly and seasonal prices.

Field: 7,316 entries.

Seasonal chef: An entry at 37-8 (no name given).

Weekly winners: Five entries tied at 15-0 to share the weekly prize of $ 10,000 ($ 2,000 each).

Barnes Status: 8-7 last week, 28-17 in total.

Ultimate Golden Nugget Football Challenge

Format: Participants choose seven NFL and / or college ATS games each week ($ 1,000 to participate).

Field: 149 entries.

Leader: Entry (Captain Kent 33) at 20-1, already building a three-game lead.

Barnes Status: Not entered.

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