Zen to Go talks about their on-demand massage experience

Zen to Go brings the Spa closer to its customers in Mexico by making it easier to book in-home massages and wellness experiences on demand.

The growth of the industry and increased consumer demand have ushered in a new era for spa services. Now, people want to access on-demand massage experiences wherever they are, and spa companies have had to revamp their services to meet the needs of customers. Zen to Go has been in the on-demand home massage business long enough to understand what customers want. Their approach is 100% customer-centric, making them a sought-after service provider in Mexico, especially among the expat community and tourists visiting the country.

In 2020, many people spent time indoors, trying to avoid the pandemic. The stress levels were overwhelming, but people couldn’t get the relief of relaxation through massage. With so many people looking for a way to release the tension in their bodies, Zen to Go stepped in with its unique revolutionary platform.

Zen to Go prides itself on being the best on-demand massage service in Mexico. They work with highly qualified professionals and have a transparent booking process. Home massages have become very popular as people prefer to be visited by a professional rather than going to an establishment frequented by several people. Their in-home massage services include deep tissue massage, sports massage, prenatal massage, lymphatic drainage massage, relaxing massage, and spa parties and events.

Through their app, customers can book massages on demand from anywhere in Mexico; they serve people from the comfort of their homes, hotel rooms and even their offices. A certified therapist then looks after the client and is equipped with everything from relaxing music to oils and massage tables. Zen to Go’s success is the result of many factors, including working with the best therapists, top 3% performing, professionals with extensive experience, and going through rigorous screening and screening to qualify.

Due to their success with the on-demand massage experience model, Zen to Go has spread to various locations in Mexico. Zen to Go is now aimed at expatriates in Mexico as well as tourists. Knowing where to get the best services can be difficult, especially when traveling to a new city. Zen to Go ensures that expats and tourists to Mexico get the best service in nine cities, including top destinations such as Tulum, Cancun, Los Cabos, and Mexico City.

In addition to offering massage services to individuals, Zen to Go also offers business solutions for companies. “We help companies integrate or supplement their wellness needs with therapeutic massage. Zen to Go allows companies to incorporate massage routines into their corporate events, send therapists to hotels and spas, and more.

Zen to Go also offers gift certificates that people can give to family, friends, colleagues and business associates. The process is relatively straightforward as the donor purchases the gift certificate and personalizes it for the recipient. The certificate is then sent to the recipient by email, and they can use it using the unique code sent to them. They then proceed with planning a perfect time for their in-home massage experience.

Zen to Go is available on various social media platforms to raise awareness of the benefits of therapeutic massages.

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